5 Star · ARC Review · Novella · Series

Operation Bailey Birthday (The Baileys #9.5) by Piper Rayne

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5 Stars

Saying good-bye to Lake Starlight and the Baileys was never going to be easy… until Grandma Dori decides to have her family throw her an incredible 90th birthday celebration like that town has never seen! 


Operation Bailey Birthday was the perfect way to close the unforgettable Baileys series. All of the babies whose parents we watched wade through the trenches of love are growing up… fast! College kids, teenagers, and yes, there are even a few new little ones in the mix! I foresee exciting and new things to come from the town of Lake Starlight… and I can. not. wait!!!

This novella was a delightful read which gave us a glance at all of the Bailey brood now that the kids are coming into their own eventual, and most likely messy, love stories. From the couples we already love to the hints of what’s to come, this book had it all!

I loved the always adorable (and scheming) Grandma Dori and her technique when it comes to her birthday and the hoops she has everyone single person jumping through for her party. Grandma D knows what she wants, and just how to make it all perfect… all while being “surprised” by the party she has NO IDEA about…

The Baileys series was an epic read, each book as fantastic and fulfilling as the last, and this novella ties it all up with a beautiful and loving, birthday bow.

I received a complimentary copy of this book for my honest and unbiased review.

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