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The Romantic Pact (Kings of Football #2) by Meghan Quinn

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5 Stars

After the death of his beloved grandpa, Crew Smith is left feeling lost and bitter about missing out on his last moments with him. But little does Crew know, Pops still has some lessons left to impart on his grandson… and a surprise Christmas vacation to do it with…

Hazel Allen loved Pops like he was her own grandfather… and don’t get her started on her history with his grandson, Crew. Her once great friend disappeared from her life years ago… until they find themselves on an airplane together to Germany…


The Romantic Pact was the perfect read for the holidays, or any other day you want to be transported on an idyllic vacation through Germany and experience the epic love story that accompanies it! Crew and Hazel were once the closest of friends, but life and Crew’s determination to succeed in football get in the way and change everything. With a long overdue reunion, they find themselves together on a trip of a lifetime… and with a chance to reconnect… just like Pops always wanted…

Hazel was the most amazing character! She relished putting Crew in his place… even when she couldn’t keep her eyes off of him! I loved her dedication to Pop’s legacy, and to the farm, which was the only place that ever felt like home. 

Crew was the sweetest guy, if not a little shortsighted when it came to the relationships in his life. I felt so badly for his loss of time with Pop, but absolutely loved how the trip that Pop so painstakingly planned brought Crew the comfort he didn’t know he needed. 

This book was an extremely funny, sexy and beautifully emotional read. I couldn’t get enough of all of the details of the picturesque German towns this story was set in, and I have subsequently added them to future travel plans… for Christmastime!! I adored all of Crew’s family, and every single character encountered in this unforgettable story.

Crew and Hazel’s relationship progression was incredibly steamy, entertaining and felt vastly authentic. I loved the connection they shared, and the heartache associated with their disassociation. Their friendship may have been a great one, but their love story is even better…

I received a complimentary copy of this book for my honest and unbiased review.

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