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Huge Deal (21 Wall Street #3) by Lauren Layne

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 4 Stars

Kate Henley is the assistant extraordinaire for a famed trio of hunky bankers who rose to the top ranks at Wolfe investments. She absolutely loves her career, and her bosses… with one boss in particular, maybe a little too much…

Kennedy Dawson is uptight, grumpy, and very particular about the way he wants things done. And lucky for him, he has an assistant who is a dream to work with. But lately, Kennedy has been harboring some very unprofessional feelings for Kate, and apparently he is the very last person to know about them…


Huge Deal was a sexy, slow burn, rom-com, reading pleasure! Kate was already half way in love with Kennedy when her hopes of something more were dashed in the most brutal of ways. And for all of his objections, Kennedy himself has been denying his feelings for Kate for years. Besides, with their continued workplace harmony at stake, a relationship between them would never work… or so they keep telling themselves…

Kate and Kennedy would never work on paper. She wants an epic, love at first sight, type of love, while Kennedy believes in companionship and planning, planning, planning. But for all of their disagreements and friction, Kate and Kennedy are two halves of the same coin, just waiting to be flipped…

This was such a great read! I loved Kate and Kennedy and their always entertaining interactions. Kate was so well put together and universally liked by everyone, it was hard not to want everything for her. Kennedy was indeed stuffy and uptight at times, but when he shows Kate his softer (and smoldering!!) side, it is a transformation that is not to be missed!

I really loved this story, but I also didn’t feel too much of the attraction between Kate and Kennedy until the very end. I think this was due to Kennedy’s unfulfilling relationship woes taking up too much plot time when it could have been more focused on the good stuff I was impatiently waiting for!

21 Wall Street was a fantastic series, I loved the characters and the relationships forged/realized within it’s pages. Lauren Layne always writes a rom-com worth escaping to, and this series absolutely delivered on that promise.

I voluntarily purchased my copy of this book and have provided my honest and unbiased review.

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