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Nightbird Novels: Top Ten of 2020!!

Whew, I think everyone can agree, this year has been absolutely nuts! 2020 was a hot mess, but at least we had a lot of added reading time… right?! 

This was my fourth year writing the blog, and I had a total blast reading and reviewing SO MANY amazing books.

In 2020, I have read 134 books (so far, I do have the rest of today left!!) From there, I have narrowed down every one of my 5 star reads and I have compiled this list of my absolute favorites into my Top Ten of 2020 Reads!!

There were a couple very impactful authors on my list this year who both had multiple 5 star reviews on this blog. But, as I try to only feature one author’s book per list, I had the even harder task to narrow them down EVEN MORE!!

These books that made the final list were sexy, hilarious, emotional, dark and sometimes twisted… and there was even that one trilogy that I swear foreshadowed the ultimate shitshow that was 2020.

Anyway, these books all have one thing in common… they are the ones that have stuck with me more than any other reads from this entire year! If you haven’t yet read these releases, I hope you give them a chance as I loved them all!!!

I want to wish all of my fellow readers a safe, healthy and happy 2021… please, oh please let it be a good one! We will get through this together, and I wish everyone the absolute best.

Much love, 


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