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Tempted by Ava Harrison

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3 Stars

When Drew Lawson hires Bailey Jameson to work at his club, he knows all about her issues with addiction,  but he just can’t seem to resist helping someone in need. And while the gorgeous and damaged Bailey might seem to be the perfect temptation, she may just prove to be more than Drew, or his heart can handle…


Tempted was an engaging romance which focused on addiction and the characters finding their true places in the world. Bailey and Drew have a sexy workplace attraction that just can’t be ignored, but giving into the temptation of of an ill-advised tryst may be the beginning of something unforgettable… or utterly devastating…

After being sober for two years, Bailey’s life is still a scattered mess that she is trying to piece back together. And while she realizes that working at a nightclub might be the absolute worst place for an addict, her limited financial options leave her with little choice in the matter.

Drew has lost most of his love for Club Silver these days, but he is dedicated to making his business a success, one which runs on his terms. Although Drew hires Bailey as a favor, he soon sees the skills she possesses would be better suited to his bigger business dealings and less of simply waitressing at his club. And if he can protect her in the process, all the better…

I enjoyed this premise of this book immensely, and the initial sexual connection between Bailey and Drew was scorching hot! And while there were so many good nuggets of potential that this story presented, I was left feeling a little underwhelmed when they seemed to be glossed over. I was so intrigued by Drew’s desire to help addicts when it came to getting their life on track. But, unfortunately his strict rules about no drugs in the club were constantly ignored, and he just didn’t do much about it, or really help anyone at all. I was also missing the relationship substance I felt this book needed. Bailey was such a strong character who is working to get her life on track, but all the relationships she has with family, friends, and Drew seemed to only work on the surface, and never really dived as deeply as I was hoping for.

I received a complimentary copy of this book for my honest and unbiased review.

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