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Luke (Bossy Brothers #7) by J.A. Huss

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4 Stars

Zach Boston and Luke Dumas are in a very devoted relationship… but they also enjoy adding a female into the mix to keep things interesting. And when they meet the fascinating, Posie Payseur, they might just be opening a door in their relationship that is destined to change it all…


Bossy Brothers: Luke was a scorching hot MMF romance that is a major turning point in the dark and twisted Company saga. Zach and Luke may be removed from the intense secrets that the rest of their families have been keeping, but that is all about to change in a major way. And while they have no intention of something permanent with the secretive Posie, circumstances are about to bring them inexplicable danger, and a connection none of them anticipated…

Whether you call it The Company or The Way, something menacing has been happening in the Caribbean.

Luke, Zach and Posie find themselves thrust in the middle of a lifestyle of dark secrets that they never wanted to be a part of. Landing in the midst of one effed up pop-up party, it will be impossible for these three to forget everything they saw… and the danger it brings to their doorsteps…

Holy moly, this book was steamy, incredibly sexy and full of the always anticipated Bossy Brothers twists and turns! Luke and Zach’s relationship seemed to be as devoted as they come, but facing their own insecurities and the introduction of Posie, they start to question their connection just when they need to be more in sync than ever.

I loved this book for it’s spicy and ensnaring sex scenes, the excellent plot continuation of the Bossy Brothers series, and for all of the answers and insight it provides into the relentless fight against the omnipresent entity known as The Company.

I received a complimentary copy of this book for my honest and unbiased review.

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