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Idol (VIP #1) by Kristen Callihan

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4.5 Stars

Killian James, lead singer of the world famous band, Kill John needs a break. A break from his band, from touring and from being spotted everywhere he goes. And when he finds the perfect place to hide out and get some time to himself, Killian meets the fascinating and talented, Liberty Bell. 

Liberty is very few steps away from becoming an all-out hermit. Preferring her own company and the solitude it provides, Liberty doesn’t realize what she is truly missing until Killian comes roaring into her life… 


Idol was a book that gripped me from the very beginning and never once failed in keeping me glued to it’s pages. Liberty and Killian share an incredibly sexy and sweet connection which takes them from the quiet of a sleepy island town to a massive stadium tour with one the biggest rock bands in the world. But while Libby and Killian can’t seem to get enough of each other, they both realize that there are so many reasons that sharing their relationship with the world will have to wait…

Libby may give off the vibe of a small town, unsophisticated country bumpkin, but she is anything but naive and impressionable. She has also spent way too many years hiding her talent away where no one will ever see it, but if Killian has anything to say about it, Libby’s days of hiding are over…

After years of living the good life touring with his band, Killian has lost his desire to create or even play his music. But meeting Libby slowly helps him pull himself out of his rut, and when he hears her sing…. Killian is a total goner…

This was such a fantastic read! Libby was such a genuine and hilarious character, and I absolutely adored the no-filter responses that she always had at the ready as a comeback. Killian was the quintessential rocker whose rough life on the road has tainted his view of the world around him. But when Libby and Killian find each other, the connection they forge will bring them a feeling of completeness they never thought possible. The relationship between Libby and Killian had it’s share of heartbreak, but at the same time was extra sexy, all consuming, and hot, hot, hot! 

Idol introduces us to the band Kill John, it’s plethora of problems, and the people surrounding it who are more like a family than some of the members real families. After reading this book, I am completely hooked and downright ready for ALL the stories from the already engrossing, VIP series!  

I voluntarily purchased my copy of this book and have provided my honest and unbiased review.

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