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Managed (VIP #2) by Kristen Callihan

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4.5 Stars

Gabriel Scott is the highly skilled manager of one of the hottest rock bands in the world, Kill John. Known for his rigid and uptight personality, he meets the only woman in the world who can disarm him by simply being her…

Sophie Darling is a sought after social media photographer on her way to interview for an exciting new opportunity, when she meets the gorgeous and equally tense, Gabriel. From bonding on their bumpy flight, to genuinely enjoying each others company, they are both none too happy find out they will soon be working together… extremely closely together…


Managed was a super sexy, slow burn, romantic reading, pleasure! Sophie and Gabriel’s connection was so uniquely THEM. Fresh, fun and always witty, I loved each and every encounter between them! Following the sometimes insane world of the rock band, Kill John, Sophie and Gabriels relationship will face many obstacles, and might just open their eyes to a world of acceptance they’ve never found before…

When Sophie is upgraded to first class on her flight to a job interview, her seat mate is anything but a joy to be around. So, she decides to mess with him, to try to get his icy demeanor to crack, just a little. But she will soon discover just what kind of thoughtful and dedicated man Gabriel really is… and just how risky he could be for her heart.

Gabriel loathes flying, and yet, during their travels, Sophie somehow finds a way to not only get him to forget they’re in an airplane, but to work her way beneath his closed off, chilly façade. Gabriel quickly realizes just how much he needs Sophie in his life, and that while he has never wanted to open up to anyone, Sophie is a breath of fresh air who makes him want to be a different man.

This was such a great read! Sophie and Gabriel first bond over mutual comfort, and all kinds of cuddling ensues, but when they finally get to the sex, it is HOT, HOT, HOT. I loved the vulnerabilities that they show to each other and how their relationship progresses, as do other aspects of Gabriel’s life in which he has been showing his friendship by “managing” instead of inviting in.

Managed was another fantastic addition to the absorbing and entertaining VIP series

I voluntarily purchased my copy of this book and have provided my honest and unbiased review.

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