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Not My Match (The Game Changers #2) by Ilsa Madden-Mills

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4 Stars

Giselle Riley has come a long way since her failed engagement to her sisters’ ex-boyfriend, but she still remains helplessly lost in life. Brains and beauty is not always a one way ticket to success… as Giselle seems to know all too well. Plus, she of course has to deal with her birthday curse…

Devon Walsh is a star NFL wide receiver who never has a problem when it comes to the ladies.. but then again, Giselle is not his typical lady. Brilliant, fun, sexy and sweet, she is the whole package… and the worst possible threat to his heart. And even if he wasn’t already warned away from dating her, Devon knows the best place for Giselle is firmly planted in the friend zone.


Not My Match was a sweet and sexy, opposites attract, super slow-burn(ey) romance!! Giselle and Devon’s friendship was effortless and endless fun, but exploring more between them is expressly forbidden… for the sake of their vastly protected hearts…

Giselle is brilliant as a friend, a physicist and a sci-fi romance author, but she is also 100% clueless when it comes to her love life. One failed engagement and a string of failed dates, Giselle is also a very reluctant virgin. And after her apartment building catches fire, Giselle also finds herself homeless to top it all off. 

Devon is the talented and charismatic playboy of his NFL team, and he was explicitly warned away from all things Giselle Riley, by his BFF and teammate… and Giselle’s brand new brother-in-law. Now, Devon is nothing if not loyal, but now that Giselle is staying with him, the task of ignoring their attraction is getting to be more and more impossible…

This was a really good read! While still being the slowest-of-slow-burns, these two friends heated up the pages with their constantly unspoken attraction. Giselle and Devon both held tight to their insecurities and avoided a relationship for as long as they could, but even sometimes the most independent and opposite of people will never be complete before they find their perfect match.

I received a complimentary copy of this book for my honest and unbiased review.

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