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The Duchess Deal (Girl Meets Duke #1) by Tessa Dare

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4 Stars

The Duke of Ashbury is in need of an heir… and a wife to provide one. But after he suffered an accident which badly disfigured him, he has become a complete recluse… and it’s not like a wife is just going to land on his doorstep….

Emma Gladstone designs beautiful dresses for the women of London high society, but she also needs to be paid for her creations. So when a wedding dress for a called-off engagement is abandoned, her only option is to show up on the doorstep of the Duke of Ashbury and demand payment. And while this is quite the bold move, Emma is out of options, and a little bit desperate…


The Duchess Deal was a marriage of convenience, historical romance, with a modern twist! Emma and Ash enter into their marriage vowing to procreate, produce a male heir, and then go their separate ways. But when Emma sees the man Ash is behind his scars, falling in love with her husband is a very real danger to her fragile and already badly bruised, heart. 

Emma was such an admirable character. She was a talented seamstress who once walked all the way to London to start over in life, and meets every challenge that comes her way with the same amount of courage. With Ash’s proposal coming at the perfect time to be able to help a friend, Emma agrees readily, and without realizing how deep she will fall for the scarred and broken man. 

Ash suffered an accident in the military and has been hiding himself away from the world ever since. His broody and grumpy demeanor was a constant source of amusement, and I absolutely loved how Emma completely upended his solitary existence.

The plot of this book was engaging and fun, and incredibly steamy for a historical romance! I loved all of the characters, Emma, Ash, and especially the plotting servants in the the Duke’s employ.  

I voluntarily purchased my copy of this book and have provided my honest and unbiased review.

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