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Strays by Cora Brent

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4 Stars

Rafe Hempstead grew up rough, and has never really had much to offer the world around him. But when the son he has never met needs him, he jumps head first into being a parent, and makes some hard decisions to give him the life he deserves. Decisions like an immediate relocation to be closer to family, even though Rafe hasn’t seen them himself in years… 

Isabella Gentry loves her gigantic family, but is ready to try to navigate the world on her own. But when she runs into her first obstacle, Isabella finds herself with not one, but two unexpected roommates. One is surly and way too good-looking, and the other is his adorable 5 year old son…


Strays was a vastly entertaining, sexy and heartwarming read. Isabella and Rafe find themselves being unplanned roommates, who clash with practically every encounter they have. But beneath their disdain is a simmering attraction and a mutual admiration that is anything but easy to ignore. With one adorable and damaged little boy calling the shots, these two polar opposites won’t even have a chance at resisting each other…

Izzy is a college student and admittedly spoiled, only child. I really enjoyed the aspect of the plot around her needing to venture out on her own without the backing of her family. She had a huge heart, but she also knew how to stand up for herself, and to ask for what she wants. 

Rafe is a new father of a 5 year old who just lost his mom. Reuniting with his estranged brother, and finding himself with a new roommate, Rafe has a lot on his plate… and an attitude to match it. But beneath his gruff exterior lies a changed man who wants everything that life has to offer him.

This was a great read. I loved all of the characters, new and old (hello, Long Lost!), and I especially enjoyed the interactions between Izzy and Rafe! And then there’s Oliver, Rafe’s adorable and heartbroken 5 year old who steals the show and everyones hearts in the process!

I received a complimentary copy of this book for my honest and unbiased review.

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