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Uncrossed (Harem Station #7) by J.A. Huss (K.C. Cross)

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4 Stars

*** Uncrossed is the final book in the Harem Station series and should be read according to series order. This review may contain spoilers if you are not yet caught up in the series. ***

In a world full of his buddies finding their soulmates and forever leaving him behind, Crux is where he has always been, back at Harem Station, running things. But with a princess uprising happening and things on the outside of the station going from bad to VERY BAD, Crux is about to start uncovering the answers he isn’t so sure about wanting anymore…


Uncrossed was the nail biting conclusion to the grandiose and unforgettable Harem Station series. Crux is infatuated with Princess Corla, the woman who started it all. From the journey that utterly changed his and his friends lives, to being the mother of his children, and also an incredibly powerful weapon who could destroy them all, Corla is the beginning and the end to life as Crux knows it. And now that the time has come for answers… Crux will finally get to go on a soulmate journey of his own…

In the final battle between the Cygnians, Akeelians, and every single other thing that may exist on the entire universe, Uncrossed will take you on one bumpy AF ride. When the mysterious Crux, the man who has always been the one to be left behind, finally gets his story, nothing on Harem Station will ever be the same again…

Whew, this series was one wild and sexy, sci-fi ride… from it’s beginning to it’s jaw dropping end! With the answers finally here and the boys of Harem Station coming together once again, I was completely riveted and consumed with all things Crux, Corla… and everything in between…

I received a complimentary copy of this book for my honest and unbiased review.

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