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Dancing With Danger (Goode Girls #3) by Kerrigan Byrne

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4 Stars

Mercy Goode is a brilliant woman stuck living within the confines and expectations of English society. With dreams of being an investigator and finding a way to put her well-honed sleuthing skills to use, she wants more from her life than simply getting married and having babies. But unfortunately for her, Mercy’s good intentions always seem to be getting her into trouble. And when her latest exploit results in her being arrested alongside one of London’s most notorious criminals, Mercy’s life as she know it is about to become a whole lot more exciting… and sexy…

Raphael Sauvageau is a dangerous man who should absolutely leave the innocent Mercy Goode alone and untouched… but when his interest in Mercy is whole heartedly reciprocated, all good intentions he possessed are about to go up in hot and smoldering flames…


Dancing With Danger was a simmering, sexy, and intriguing, historical romance read! While a love between Mercy and Raphael does not work within the vastly different worlds they live in, the attraction they share refuses to be ignored. Between an unsolved murder and Raphael’s dangerous lifestyle, these two societal opposites agree on sharing only one night together, but life soon gets in the way…

Mercy was an intriguing and atypical historical romance heroine. I loved her brain and her ability to go toe to toe with the intimidating and enigmatic, Raphael. Her thirst for knowledge and adventure was a refreshing and integral part of this intriguing story.

Raphael was raised to only be one thing, a monster. But after years of barely living, once he meets the fascinating Mercy, he suddenly finds himself wanting all the things he thought he didn’t deserve in life. But, with plans already in motion to drastically change the course of his future, any time with Mercy will be vastly cut short.

This romance read was so much more spicy and entertaining than the typical stuffy and virginal historical books! Mercy and Raphael shared a sexy connection filled with delightful banter and a simmering attraction, all while being surrounded by the intrigue of a mysterious death and their race to solve it. 

I received a complimentary copy of this book for my honest and unbiased review.

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