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Bet The Farm by Staci Hart

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4.5 Stars

With the recent loss of her beloved grandfather, Olivia Brent realizes just how much she misses life on the farm, the only place that she considers to truly be home. Even though Pop won’t be there to welcome her back this time, or ever again. As Pop’s only living relative, Olivia is set to inherit the property she loves, and she has big plans for the future of Brent Dairy Farm.

Jakob Milovic found the place where he finally felt like he belonged when he arrived on Pop’s doorstep looking for work, years ago. But Jake never wold have imagined that he would inherit half of the farm that he holds so dear. And while he is ecstatic to be a partial-owner, Jake is dreading working with his new, and extremely bubbly, business partner…


Bet The Farm was a hilarious, opposites attract romance set on a delightful dairy farm teeming with endless adorable animals! Olivia and Jake each inherit half of the property they love, and then immediately clash over what they envision for the farms future. She wants to shake things up and he wants absolutely nothing to change… and the only thing they can agree on… there should definitely be NO kissing involved between them…

Olivia was an adorable character! Funny, quirky and an eternal optimist, her vision for the farm is just as effervescent as she is. Creating a social media persona under the name Farm Girl, she is full of fresh ideas and changes to help the farm… which happen to drive a certain business partner absolutely crazy…

Jake is extremely vocal about his reluctance to accept any and all changes dreamed up by the way-too-sunny, Olivia. After realizing just how much the farm had changed his life, all Jake wants is to work hard, just as he always did with Pop, and let their dairy business speak for itself. And maybe he shouldn’t always act like a total grump to Olivia, but when it comes down to it, Jake doesn’t trust that she won’t run back to NYC and leave everyone back at the farm in the dust… again.

This book was such a sweet and entertaining read! I loved all of the fabulous characters, their big hearts and their ability to lean on each other when it counts the most. The plot consisted of many engaging pieces that kept me hooked and completely immersed in the story, and I simply did not want it to end. Which let’s be real, happens every single time I read a book by the spectacularly talented, Staci Hart.

I received a complimentary copy of this book for my honest and unbiased review.

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