4.5 Star · ARC Review · Contemporary · Married Couple · New Beginnings · Second Chance · Series · Slow Burn · Tortured Hero

My Almost Ex (The Greene Family #2) by Piper Rayne

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4.5 Stars

Adam Greene was devastated when his wife left him with no real insight or explanation as to why. So when Lucy Greene shows back up in Sunrise Bay suffering from amnesia and missing her husband, Adam’s hope to get the answers that have been plaguing him for over a year seem to be even less likely than before. And even though Lucy has finally come home, forgetting will not be so easy for Adam…


My Almost Ex was an emotional, sweet and sexy, second chance (amnesia!!) romance! Adam and Lucy seemed to have a fairy tale relationship, where being high school sweethearts was only the beginning of the epic love they once shared. But with the mystery looming of Lucy’s swift departure from their marriage, Adam will have to find it within himself to trust the woman who once crushed his heart, if he wants to help her regain the memories of the love that they both lost…

I adored Adam and Lucy’s story! The amnesia trope was incredibly well done and it added so much to the plot of this story! I loved the visible growth in Lucy and Adam’s relationship and of course, Lucy’s own foray into reinventing herself and trying new things as a result of losing her memories.

I am so hooked on the characters and love found (so far!!) within the Greene Family series, and this second book absolutely delivered with an engaging and addictive story and a second chance to warm even the coldest of Sunrise Bay, Alaska days! And in the end, we were treated to a very tempting teaser of more Greene family goodness to come!

I received a complimentary copy of this book for my honest and unbiased review.

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