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Quicksilver in the Hand (Arts & Crimes Series #2) by Heather R. Blair

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5 Stars

Lucjan Kowalewski may be a very bad man, but he would do absolutely anything for his wife, Stacia. No matter how far apart, or estranged they may be. 

Stacia Harris well… Kowalewski, wants nothing more than to put her marriage to Lucjan behind her… until he lands in a bit of trouble, and Stacia is the first person to run to his rescue…


Quicksilver in the Hand was a sexy and heartbreaking, second chance romance with a plot that will keep your palms sweating and the pages turning. Stacia and Lucjan’s once devoted marriage ended a long time ago, but Lucjan will let Staci divorce him… over his dead body.

I couldn’t get enough of Stacia and Lucjan’s complicated, yet genuine love story. Stacia knew that the man she married was dangerous and involved deep in the dark and unforgiving, Bratva underworld, and she loved him all the same. But from what was once love, Stacia has moved on… or so she wants her (not so) ex-husband to admit, and to finally let her go…

This book showcased scorching sexual tension and a broken marriage that is hotter than some of the most enduring relationships out there. I adored everything about the gorgeously treacherous, Lucjan, and his total devotion to the woman he vowed to love until the end of time. Stacia was a fantastic and brilliant, independent woman who can hide her every emotion from the world, but can’t seem keep Lucjan from guessing her innermost wants and desires… no matter how much she struggles to ignore them…

I was utterly addicted to the plot of this book! With the engaging action and suspense fueling it, the characters and the second chance love story were all superbly and intricately intwined. 

I received a complimentary copy of this book for my honest and unbiased review.

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