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Today Tomorrow and Always (Phenomenal Fate #3) by Tessa Bailey

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4 Stars

When vampire Tucker Moore meets the sweet and innocent Mary, he instantly feels the need to be her protector. There’s something that draws him to the blind fairy, and when she asks him to escort her to her fiancé, Tucker readily agrees, if only to spend a little more time with her before she marries… and becomes his enemy… 


Today Tomorrow and Always was the sweet, powerful, and heart wrenching conclusion to the captivating Phenomenal Fate series. Mary and Tucker set out on a vampire road trip to deliver Mary to her future husband, and seal her fate as a paranormal bargaining chip. But along the way, their deep connection changes their wants and desires, which may ultimately tear apart their worlds as they know them…

This story was quite the departure from the first two books in the series. With an impending war brewing among the paranormals, Tucker and Mary’s journey to certain danger takes a backseat to their growing attraction and need for each other.

Mary is known for her glass shattering scream and her blindness, but underneath the surface lies a young woman who wishes to make a sacrifice large enough to bring her family back together. Tucker is the most human of vampires to ever exist, but his otherworldly instincts start to take over more and more when it comes to Mary. And while they both have parents who have emotionally abandoned them, they find their first sense of belonging within each other. But their connection has a very dark, and seriously impending expiration date…

I immensely enjoyed everything about the Phenomenal Fate series, and this book ended the whole saga in an incredibly beautiful way. Mary and Tucker’s love story is emotional, sweet and highly complicated, but the love they share will endure, through trials, tribulations, and an evil sorcerer… 

I received a complimentary copy of this book for my honest and unbiased review.

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