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Foes & Cons by Carrie Aarons

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4 Stars

Former best friends turned enemies, Blair Oden and Sawyer Roarke are finally seniors in high school and are ready to leave their childhoods, and each other behind… maybe. Because the more Sawyer realizes just how much he misses Blair, the more he wants to get to the bottom of why she torched their friendship in the first place… and the attraction that still simmers between them…


Foes & Cons was a delightful mix of a friends, to enemies, to lovers plot with a young adult, second chance romance focus. Blair and Sawyer have spent the past two years of high school hating each other, but in her senior year, Blair is done with letting Sawyer make her feel unwanted and small… and Sawyer always takes notice of all things Blair…

I am always hooked when it comes to a well-done, love/hate romance plot, and this book encapsulated all of the desired drama and angst just right! Blair and Sawyer’s once unbreakable friendship crumbles under the pressure of unspoken feelings and one very unfortunate pros & cons list. 

Blair was such a wonderful character, I loved that she came home from a summer in Haiti with a newfound outlook on her own self-worth. And when she decided that she wasn’t going to let Sawyer ruin any more experiences for her in her final year of high school, Blair’s tough attitude shone through. 

Sawyer was sexy and popular, and while he had his share of unlikable moments, his hurt over losing Blair was what tended to make him lash out. I loved that underneath his jock persona was someone who worked hard for his grades and had big plans for college and his future career, that didn’t include sports.

I enjoyed so much about this book. The friction laden relationship between Blair and Sawyer was impossible to resist, and I loved that they also both had their own individual journeys that they had to navigate through. 

I received a complimentary copy of this book for my honest and unbiased review.

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