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Wet & Reckless (Private Pleasures #4) by Samanthe Beck

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4 Stars

When police officer West Donovan takes one look at hitchhiker Roxy Goodhart, he instantly realizes that she is the exact kind of trouble he doesn’t need in his town… or his heart.

The last thing Roxy needs is a by-the-book (and way too sexy), police officer looking too closely into her past mistakes. But soon the small town of Bluelick, KY starts to feel like home… and West her future… and Roxy just knows it all seems too good to be true… 


Wet & Reckless was a sexy and fun, opposites attract romance! Roxy and West clash from the first moment they meet, but the sparks they ignite simply can’t be extinguished… or ignored. Roxy is an aspiring musician with no roots or family, who finds herself in a town that welcomes her with open arms… well, except for one person. West is the uptight police officer who wishes Roxy would move on… before he and everyone else gets way too attached…

This was such a fantastic read! The attraction between Roxy and West was intriguing, intense, and so incredibly sexy! Roxy’s character was in need of the love she finds in Bluelick, more than she ever realized. From her connection with West, to the new friends and neighbors she meets along the way, Roxy may have finally found the place where she belongs… as long as her past doesn’t catch up to her first…

West went from serving in the military, to being a police officer in New York City, until finally settling into the significantly slower pace of small town Kentucky. And while West prides himself on his iron clad restraint and sense of control, he finds himself highly distracted by all things Roxy…and he is not happy about it… 

This was the first book that I have read from the Private Pleasures series, but after this fantastic first glimpse into the town of Bluelick, you had better believe that I will be delving into all of its stories! Roxy and West’s book brought an addicting opposites attract plot, sweltering sex, and at it’s roots, a story about a couple finally finding where they really belong… in each others arms…

I received a complimentary copy of this book for my honest and unbiased review.

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