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Bombshell (Whiskey Dolls #1) by Jessica Prince

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4 Stars

There is absolutely zero love lost when it comes to Marin Grey and her ex-boyfriends frosty brother, Pierce Walton. But now that Marin is a single woman, and finally shot of her abusive ex, the divide she once felt with Pierce is suddenly feeling inexplicably changed, and very, very intimate…


Bombshell was a sexy and sweet, single father romance, with a dash of enemies to lovers drama thrown in! Marin and Pierce met each other when Marin was with her ex-boyfriend, who happened to be the polar opposite of his brother, Pierce. And while they started out as very strained acquantices, it doesn’t take long for Marin and Pierce to succumb to their highly reciprocated attraction…

Marin was a generous, sweetheart of a woman who had the unfortunate experience of having to extract herself from an abusive relationship. And while she has done what she can to put the trauma of that relationship behind her, she has no desire to jump back into the volatile world of dating. 

Pierce lost his wife when his son was very young, and he has embraced his single dad lifestyle, ever since. And while he had his reasons for keeping his distance from Marin, the cold shoulder he could maintain while she was dating his brother has no chance of surviving now that Marin has become a part oh his life…

The romance between Marin and Pierce had a steamy, close proximity plot that delivered a heartwarming and engrossing love story. Marin was a strong and admirable character who always seems to go above and beyond to help the people she cares about. Pierce was a man nursing a shattered heart after losing his wife, and was dedicated only to his adorable son… until his heart makes room for the woman he never thought he could have…

This book was an incredible introduction to the much anticipated Whiskey Dolls series… and I am already completely invested in Marin and her burlesque dancing friends!! 

I received a complimentary copy of this book for my honest and unbiased review.

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