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Fake (West Hollywood #1) by Kylie Scott

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4.5 Stars

It’s not everyday that a famous actor asks a semi-struggling waitress to help him with his image problems. But that is exactly what happens to Norah Peers when the gorgeous (yet plagued by back choices), Patrick Walsh dines at the little hole-in-wall restaurant where she works…

From the glitz and glamour of Hollywood, to the darker side of fame, Norah and Patrick’s fake relationship might turn out to be the realest thing they’ve ever known…


Fake was a fabulous book with an intriguing plot that mixed a fake relationship with a sexy and sweet, opposites attract, love story. Norah and Patrick were a couple who shouldn’t work on paper, but once they agree to fake their relationship for the world, there’s no stopping the intense attraction that continues to grow between them. But when the hazards of fame make themselves known, the burgeoning relationship they have found may be impossible to sustain…

I loved Norah, she was an incredibly fresh and real character who takes her job as Patrick’s new love interest very seriously. After she is dropped into a lifestyle she never fathomed being a part of, Norah shows the world that she is a woman worthy of a man like Patrick, even if she doesn’t quite see it herself. With her love for her grandmother and her wherewithal to make it through any situation thrown her way, it was impossible not to adore Norah and to root for her to find her HEA.

Patrick may have made a recent bad decision or two, but his love for his career and his utter normalcy when it came to being the man behind the movie star, all completely endeared me to his character. He proves early on just how much he respects Norah, and appreciates her help, but he also excels at hiding the very real feelings he has for her…

In a world full of glitz, glamour, glitter… and fakery, this book delivered on a story that made me smile and fed my soul… all while keeping me glued to it’s pages. Fake was the first book in the intriguing new West Hollywood series, and I can’t wait to see what comes next from this sexy and exciting world.

I received a complimentary copy of this book for my honest and unbiased review.

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