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Echoes of the Heart by L.A. Casey


4 Stars

Frankie Fulton never got over her first love, and the inconvenient fact that he is a world famous rock star means that she will always be reminded of the boy she loved with all her heart, but could never fully have.

Risk Keller has yet to return to his hometown of Southwold, England. In the nine years since he and his band, Blood Oath, left it all behind for the opportunity of a lifetime, he has avoided the town… and one person in particular… his one and only, Frankie.


Echoes of the Heart was an emotional and heartbreaking, second chance romance. When Risk, the rockstar returns home and reunites with Frankie, the woman he left behind, their old feelings come roaring back, but the reason they broke up in the first place has never really changed. And while they share a true love that will never fade, Frankie and Risk were just never meant to be…

Although Frankie loves Risk with everything she has, she could never leave her life in Southwold, or her sick mother, to be with him on his road to success. And when holding him back was never an option, Frankie did the unthinkable, and let him go. But in the years since they last saw each other, Frankie has been a shell of her former self without the man she loves by her side. 

Risk has done everything he can to numb himself and forget the heartbreak he suffered at the hands of Frankie, and yet, every song he writes seems to focus on the same woman he just can’t seem to let go. Returning to Southwold, he knows he will most likely see her again, but he wasn’t expecting the sheer magnitude of feelings he still has for his one and only love.

This book is guaranteed to tear your heart out and oh-so-slowly, put it right back together again. Frankie and Risk were once entirely devoted to each other and had a relationship built on trust and understanding. But with time and the complications of life, their love turns into something too painful for either of them to focus on, so they both find a way to move on with their lives.

When Frankie and Risk were getting along, I absolutely loved their sexy and hilarious dynamic, and the way they just seemed to fit each other. But when their relationship started falling apart, the toxicity between them holds no bounds. These two both have a lot of healing to do, and in the end, they must discover a way to move on for good, or change their lives completely…

I received a complimentary copy of this book for my honest and unbiased review.

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