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Tie Me Down (Bellamy Creek #4) by Melanie Harlow

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4 Stars

When Beckett Weaver was a teenager he couldn’t remember a time that he didn’t love his neighbor, Maddie Blake. And although there seemed to be nothing but a great friendship in the cards for Beckett and Maddie, when she finally comes home for a visit to Bellamy Creek, the sparks they have always shared are finally about to fly…


Tie Me Down was an angst filled friends-to-lovers read with a scorching hot reunion between single mom, Maddie Blake and sentimental cowboy, Beckett Weaver. This heartwarming conclusion to the fantastic Bellamy Creek series was sexy, sweet, and (as always), incredibly entertaining!!

After leaving Bellamy Creek to attend college and then go on to find success on Wall Street, Beckett eventually returned home to help his family and take his place running their farm. Living on the land he always knew he would return to, Beckett has little time for anything other than tending to the farm and taking care of his father. And while Beckett would love to pursue a relationship with Maddie, he also suffers from a bad case of not believing in the power of a love that would last forever.

Maddie has always picked the worst possible men to date/marry, but this time around, she refuses to be in a relationship that gives her anything less that the adoration she deserves. Returning to Bellamy Creek, Maddie and her son find a sense of belonging that they both wish they never had to leave behind. But without any real reason to stay, their time in Bellamy Creek will come to an end…

This was such a great read! The plot provided an engaging and interesting story which also included an adorable glimpse into a teenage Beckett and his three best buddies. I loved the sexy connection between Maddie and Beckett, and of course, Beckett’s highly skilled use of rope! I also adored every unique quality written about Maddie’s son, and how everyone (who wasn’t terrible!) embraced him for being just who he wanted to be.

And in the end, my favorite part of this book was that as the conclusion to the Bellamy Creek series, we were treated to not only some great milestones from the previous couples, but also an unforgettable epilogue that delivered a very happy glimpse into the future.

I received a complimentary copy of this book for my honest and unbiased review.

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