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My Lucky #13 (Hockey Hotties #1) by Piper Rayne

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4 Stars

Professional hockey player Aiden Drake’s natural luck has seemed to have finally run out… until a New Year’s Eve party where he meets the woman of his dreams… and she throws her drink in his face…

Saige Fowler wants nothing to do with dating athletes. Been there, done that, and had her heart shattered in the process. But the more time she spends with Aiden, the harder it gets for her to deny just how much she wants him in her life… permanently…


My Lucky #13 was a sweetly entertaining and super fun read! Saige and Aiden meet and form a friendship under some of the strangest of circumstances, but the social media manager and the hockey hottie soon discover there may be more to their connection than the occasional wine throwing…

Aiden was a hockey player who had never subscribed to being superstitious about his performances on game day… until he hits a professional slump. With a trade looming over his head, and a new outlook on restoring his signature luck, Aiden approaches Saige to help him out… purely platonically…

Saige is dating Aiden’s manager… sort of. But even if she wasn’t, getting involved with an athlete is never going to happen… no matter how sweet and charming, and genuine he may be…

This book was such a delightful and charming read! Saige and Aiden had so many superficial reasons to not pursue a relationship, but with each passing moment between them, it was harder to deny just how much they truly enjoyed spending time with each other.

From the crazy superstitions, to the hilarious and loyal Fury teammates, the new Hockey Hotties series is guaranteed to deliver another amazing lineup of not-to-be-missed books!

I received a complimentary copy of this book for my honest and unbiased review.

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