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It Happened One Summer by Tessa Bailey


5 Stars

Piper Bellinger is a L.A. party girl through and through… but after her partying goes a little too far, she is exiled to the sleepy town of Westport, Washington. Prescribed a dose a reality by her successful stepfather, Piper plans to prove herself and return home as fast as possible… but Westport has other plans…

Brendan Taggart is a gruff sea captain who finds comfort in his routine and is an expert at navigating rough seas. When Piper shows up and shakes up his town, Brendan vows he wants nothing to do with her… but it doesn’t take long for his dislike to turn into a very inconvenient infatuation…


It Happened One Summer was a hilarious, sexy, and completely adorable, opposites attract romance! Piper and Brendan have nothing in common, except for being mutually annoyed by each other. But Westport is a small town, where everyone knows everyone else’s business, and Piper and Brendan just can’t avoid each other, or the sparks between them, forever… 

Piper is an instagram famous, socialite who is the first to admit that she is helplessly out of her depth in the charming town of Westport. And while her sweet personality and bubbly attitude easily charms the residents of the small beach town, there is one man who makes no secret of his feelings for outsiders like her…

Brendan has a dangerous job that he loves. He belongs on the ocean, and in Westport where he was born and raised, and he absolutely wants nothing to do with an interloper who is bound to shake things up. But the more Brendan gets to know Piper, the more he realizes he enjoys her high maintenance ways, and he craves learning and experiencing everything he can about the spoiled L.A. princess…

This book was such an incredibly fun read! Piper was a fantastic character with so many layers and depth that you never expected to see from her after her first introduction. I loved her relationship with her sister and the journey she embarked on into discovering her own self worth. Brendan was an utterly delicious, dirty talking hero who worshipped Piper like she absolutely deserved. He was protective, sweet, and of course, provided many hot sexual moments with his lady.

This story was fabulously written, had a superb plot, and showed so much character growth between both Piper and Brendan. Oh, and did I mention just how SUPER hot Piper and Brendan’s relationship was?! It Happened One Summer is a total must read book for this summer, every summer, and any season in between.

I received a complimentary copy of this book for my honest and unbiased review.

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