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Pause (Larsen Bros #2) by Kylie Scott

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3.5 Stars

When Anna wakes up from being in a coma for seven long months, her entire life has fallen apart around her. The people she loved, the job she adored, none of it makes sense to her anymore.

Leif Larsen is the man who saved her life, with whom she shares a special connection and a burgeoning friendship, that she needs now more than anything. But, will their friendship be enough?


Pause was the sweetly complicated story of Anna, whose life changes in the blink of an eye, and Leif, the man who rescued her in the most vulnerable of situations. This opposites attract romance was a sexy and sweet story about finding love in the most dire of circumstances, and the way life can change when you least expect it…

I really enjoyed this book and I loved both Anna and Leif as a couple. Their sweet interactions and the support they gave each other was simply amazing to read. I thought Leif was a great character with a big personality, but unfortunately, next to him, Anna seemed to pale in comparison. Her story itself encompassed so many life changes and huge moments that I felt we lost a lot from her actual personality in the process.

This book had all the elements of being a fantastic read, but fell a little short in it’s execution. The plot was incredibly interesting and fresh, and there were so many great aspects of the story that I enjoyed. I especially loved following Anna’s journey and reinvention of herself.

I received a complimentary copy of this book for my honest and unbiased review.

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