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Trouble by Tia Louise

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4.5 Stars

After a recent breakup, Joselyn Winthrop has decided to take a very long break from men… only to fall right into bed with the worst possible candidate to break her heart…

Spencer Carrollton makes no apologies when it comes to his no repeats rules with women. So why does his one night with Joselyn suddenly seem like it will never be enough?


Trouble was a super sexy, engrossing, and highly entertaining read! Joselyn and Spencer may not be able to deny the sweltering attraction between them, but for where they connect between the sheets, they push each others buttons just about everywhere else…

Joselyn is a relationship girl who knows a man like Spencer will never give her the commitment that she wants. Yet no matter how many times she attempts to cut him out of her life, Spencer finds a way to be there when she needs him most. 

Spencer’s adamant refusal to invite complications into his life starts to fall apart with every encounter that he shares with the intoxicating, Joselyn. She gets under his skin with her every denial to give into him and what they both want, but Spencer refuses to chase the woman who alone seems to have the ability to decimate his carefully cultivated walls.

This book was a sexy, captivating and all-around, fantastic read! Joselyn and Spencer’s connection was extremely hot and utterly engaging… I loved the drama between them and their banter was top notch!! I thought the plot was so well done with not only the steamy romantic elements, but the added suspense of a subplot that kept me guessing right up to the end!

I received a complimentary copy of this book for my honest and unbiased review.

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