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The Varsity Dad Dilemma by Lex Martin

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4 Stars

Gabriela Duran and Rider Kingston may live across the street from each other, but they couldn’t be any more far apart from each other in their actual lives. Although they once shared a friendship and a connection that meant a lot to them both, the fallout from when they went their separate ways, devastated any sort of future between them… that is, until Gabby steps in when Rider, and her football player neighbors, need her most…


The Varsity Dad Dilemma was a delightful, second chance, sports romance!! When a mystery baby shows up on the doorsteps of a house full of varsity football players, it is anyone’s guess who the dad may be. And although Gabby has no love lost for Rider and his teammates, her brother just happens to be involved, and Gabby would never leave an innocent baby to a bunch of clueless, womanizing football players… 

Gabby was a driven and sensible young woman who takes school and her future very seriously, and had a hard time forming lasting, genuine relationships. I really liked Gabby and felt so bad for her due to the hardships she faced growing up. After years in foster care and living with people who failed to show her any real love, she struggled with trusting people with her heart. 

Rider has worked hard for every bit of success he has ever achieved, and he finally has his goal in sight… getting drafted after college. His focus has never wavered from his most important goal, football… and no relationships or party will ever change that. Until the time he first met Gabby… and now, when the mystery baby suddenly shows up and turns his world upside down…

This was such a great read! I really liked all of the characters and their contributions to the plot of this book! The connection between Gabby and Rider was sexy, sweet, and incredibly complicated, but the growth they showed from their first friendship to their second chance relationship changed them both, leaps and bounds.

I received a complimentary copy of this book for my honest and unbiased review.

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