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Just Not That Into Billionaires (Billionaires of Manhattan #6) by Annika Martin

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4.5 Stars

Francine Janea is a professional ballerina who is about to embark on a performance tour of a lifetime. But in order to travel for her myriad of international shows, she will need to figure out why her visa applications are saying that she’s been married for the last ten years…

Benjamin Stearnes used to know Francine when they worked on a show in Vegas together, many years ago. And while Francine may have no idea that she’s been a legally married woman for the last decade, Benny remembers… everything…


Just Not That Into Billionaires was a laugh-out-loud funny, and delightfully entertaining read! Francine and Benny’s story was a hilarious mix of sexy antics and some pretty spectacular banter, all rolled together with a fake-relationship, ten years in the making… 

I loved Francine.. even when she drove me crazy! She had such an extreme personality, which was sometimes over-the-top, but she still made me laugh my way through the entire book. Benny is a former “helpless” nerd turned into a billionaire robot-building nerd… and he has turned any of his former shortcomings around into his absolute favor.

I enjoyed this book so much. Francine and Benny’s unusual relationship was an absolute treat to read, and I loved the plot which brings these two former “friends” back together again. The rare connection they found with each other varied from speaking in the third person to humble bragging about their non-existent children, but when it came down to it… the level of weirdo they both possessed really worked for them. 

The Billionaires of Manhattan series has once again blown me away with another fabulously enthralling read! I was enamored with both Francine and Benny from the very beginning of this story and when it ended, it left me with a long-lingering smile on my face…

I received a complimentary copy of this book for my honest and unbiased review.

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