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King of the Court by R.S. Grey

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4.5 Stars

Small town girl, Raelynn Birdie once thought she made it out of her hometown of Pine Hill, Texas… only to have to return under the worst of circumstances. Between working two jobs to make ends (barely) meet and visiting her sick grandmother, Raelynn fortunately doesn’t have much time to focus on the what-might-have-beens…

Ben Castillo is an NBA superstar turned Olympian, who has landed in Pine Hill for the last of team USA’s training sessions before the summer games. From the moment he meets Raelynn, he knows she is different from any woman he has ever known… but convincing her that they could make a relationship work between them may be the hardest situation he has ever been up against…


King of the Court was an epic, slow burn romance which was the perfect mix of sexy, sweet, and utterly spellbinding. Raelynn and Ben live in complete alternate realities… she can barely keep her head above water, while he is a rich and famous, NBA superstar. But when they meet in a sleepy Texas town, all of the trappings of their vastly different lives cease to exist… that is, until their time together comes to its inevitable end…

Raelynn was a incredibly loyal, brilliant, and authentic woman. After she has to leave school in LA to return to Texas, she works hard to take care of her Nan and pay the bills that continue to pile up. When she meets Ben, she immediately realizes a relationship between them would never work, but resisting the gorgeous and talented ball player seems to be her most futile endeavor yet…

Ben may have been an incredibly famous basketball player, but his down-to-earth attitude and the way he treated the people around him made him a hero worth loving, off of the court. His desire to help Raelynn was genuine and always held her best interest at heart… even if a relationship between them was never meant to be…

Raelynn and Ben’s love story was such a treat to read! I loved their slow burn romance from beginning to end and I desperately hoped for them to find a way to fit in each others lives. I adored the friendships and opportunities that Raelynn eventually experiences, and I was so incredibly happy with the ending to the story. The plot spanned a few years and multitudes of life changes, but the love between Raelynn and Ben just continued to grow…

I received a complimentary copy of this book for my honest and unbiased review.

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