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Totally Folked (Good Folk: Modern Folktales #1) by Penny Reid

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4 Stars

Raquel Ezra is a movie star who has had enough of the phoniness of living in Hollywood. After visiting Green Valley, Tennessee once, over five years ago, it’s the first place she can think of to return to in order to escape her suddenly stifling existence. And, perhaps see the man she hasn’t been able to stop thinking about for all the years that she’s been away…

Jackson James is the sheriff’s deputy who could never fathom moving away from his beloved hometown. After sharing one unforgettable night with Raquel, he has always cherished the memories they made as a once in a lifetime interlude… until Raquel returns and shakes up his entire world…


Totally Folked was a sweet, slow burn romance about a movie star and a small town sheriff who should have absolutely nothing in common. And although a relationship between them would most likely be messy and extremely complicated, a love like theirs only comes around once in a lifetime…

Raquel was a greatly nuanced character who has all the fame in the world, yet has no one real in her life to share it with. When her visit to Green Valley helps her realize what she really wants in life, she decides to take control and learn to fight for what’s important to her… and that includes one extremely hard to read, sheriff.

Jackson was a character who breaks your heart, and gives you hope that he will find his HEA in every aspect of his life. With his history of always being regulated to being a good-time guy, he fights incredibly hard to prove himself to everyone in Green Valley… except for with the one woman in which he connects to, without really even having to try…

I loved this book so much, and I am super excited for more stories to come from this new and exciting series! I have been waiting for Jackson to get his own story for quite awhile, and his sweet and caring personality did no disappoint! Raquel was a fantastic match for him, and I adored her connection to the other movie star who lives in Green Valley, and of course, all of the Winston family cameos!

I received a complimentary copy of this book for my honest and unbiased review.

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