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There with You (Adair Family #2) by Samantha Young

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5 Stars

Regan Penhaligon has been a terrible sister. After failing to be there for her older sister when she needed her the most, Regan shows up in Scotland unannounced, to make amends… and while she’s at it, she just might find her very own fresh start… 

Thane Adair is in need of a live-in nanny to take care of his two adorable children… and Regan just happens to be looking for a job. But Thane refuses to trust anyone who has such a bad track record of sticking around… not to mention, everything about Regan just screams the word ‘complicated’… 


There with You was an emotional, sexy and beautifully heartwarming read! Regan and Thane share an incredible chemistry and an attraction they can deny for only so long, but a relationship between them is heartbreak waiting to happen. Thane has children to worry about, and Regan is young and impulsive… or so the world keeps telling her…

Regan may have made some mistakes in her past, but her relocation to Scotland is all about healing, growing up, and finding who she is truly meant to be. I loved her for her bubbly personality, her relationship with Thane’s kids, her complete devotion, and her unwavering strength in dangerous situations. 

Thane may come from a famous family, but he wants nothing more than a simple and uncomplicated life for himself and his two children. And while he can admit that he is wildly attracted to Regan, Thane also knows that anything permanent between them will never be in the cards…

This book was absolutely addictive and seriously sexy!! The plot was full of angst, suspense and a whole lot of heat… but I think it was the beautiful family moments that ended up stealing the show! The Adair Family series just keeps getting better and better… and I can’t wait to see which very deserving character gets their HEA next…

I received a complimentary copy of this book for my honest and unbiased review.

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