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Tell Me You Want Me by Willow Winters

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4 Stars

Adrian Bradford is a ruthless businessman who is known for buying up companies and then dismantling them piece by piece. And with his latest acquisition, comes something vastly more interesting than just his typical type of business deal… 

Suzette Parks won’t take losing her job lying down… she is prepared to fight for not only her position, but for her entire team… but what she didn’t count on was just how irresistible she finds the new CEO…


Tell Me You Want Me was a fast and filthy hot, office romance! Suzette is not the kind of person who sleeps with her boss, but with one command from the sexy and domineering, Adrian, all hesitancy seems to just fly out of the window. With her job on the line and a budding relationship with the man who threatens it, Suzette the employee and Adrian the CEO could never work… but when the clock strikes six… everything changes…

Suzette was a woman who prided herself in her professionalism and her hard work, and I really appreciated the confidence she showed in standing up to the big, bad, CEO. And for all of her qualms when it came to sleeping with and dating Adrian, Suzette tried her hardest to keep her work life and her personal life completely separated. 

Adrian was a vastly different man after hours than he was during the work day. While he was admittedly ruthless in his business dealings, when it came time to decompress, Adrian needed some major stress relief… and there was only one woman who would do…

This book was super sexy and a very entertaining read! Suzette and Adrian’s relationship was supremely unconventional for two people who take their careers very seriously, but the attraction between them was impossible to ignore. I loved how Adrian was with Suzette in the time they spent together outside of working hours. And while the future of their relationship is complicated at best, these two will always want each other… even when the real world gets in the way…

I received a complimentary copy of this book for my honest and unbiased review.

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