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Threescore & Tequila (Toil & Trouble #4) by Heather R. Blair

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4 Stars

Jett Gosse comes from a family of very powerful witches. And while she and her sisters are doing everything they can to triumph over the evil in the world, sometimes they have to make hard decisions that don’t quite sit well with everyone…

Stephen Krueger is the newly crowned bruin king who once thought Jett was his future… that is, until she killed one of her own sisters…


Threescore & Tequila was another fascinating and all-consuming read in the incomparable Toil & Trouble series. While Jett and Stephen’s connection is still simmering between them, finding  forgiveness and regaining any semblance of trust may be another matter entirely…

This was such great read, and I absolutely loved both Jett and Stephen equally! These two protective and loyal characters may have lost their path to each other for a bit, but when their past mistakes keep affecting their current safety, it will come down to only the most powerful of witches… and bruins… to survive…

Jett was a true warrior. Although severely damaged from her past, she lives to protect her family and anyone who threatens the witch community. Stephen is the king of the bruins who knows a thing or two about true loyalty. And while he wishes he can stay far away from Jett and her possible betrayal… Stephen is harboring a few secrets of his own when it comes to the vastly talented, and completely unattainable, Jett.

This book was a sexy and engrossing, second chance romance in the fabulous Toil & Trouble series. Jett and Stephen’s story takes us from the beginning of their relationship, to the turmoil they face that tears them apart. Without an easy road to HEA, these two strong and unapologetically independent characters have a lot of work to do… and a little immense danger to face in the meantime…

I voluntarily purchased my copy of this book and have provided my honest and unbiased review.

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