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There’s Something About Molly by Christina Hovland

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3.5 Stars

Molly Princeton makes no secret of how much she loathes her best friend’s ex, Gavin Frank. But now that Molly’s friend has found true love, and a happy dynamic with her ex, Gavin’s shortcomings are suddenly starting to seem almost… non-existent…


There’s Something About Molly was a super slow burn, closed door romance, featuring a quirky heroine, and her journey to finding the HEA she truly deserves. A relationship between Molly and Gavin seems impossible on paper… he’s her best friends-ex… and she wants absolutely nothing to do with him… or so she keeps telling herself…

Molly was the most amazing character! Her desire to make other people happy was a consistent theme in this book, and while her selfless and giving personality was admirable, Molly fails to realize that she just might be sabotaging her own happiness in the process…

Gavin may have made some mistakes in his relationship with his ex, but at this point in his journey, he has made his amends, figured out co-parenting, and whole-heartedly supported her in her new relationship. And while his attraction to Molly may be inconvenient at best, he can’t help but realize that she is the only women he wants to pursue… ever again…

I really enjoyed this read! I loved the dynamic shown between all of the characters, no matter how complicated their pasts were, they all displayed some impressive adult growth where they needed it most. Molly and Gavin’s relationship was unique and fun, and fit both of their personalities absolutely perfectly!

I received a complimentary copy of this book for my honest and unbiased review.

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