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Window Shopping by Tessa Bailey

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4.5 Stars

After recently being released from four years of incarceration, Stella Schmidt is given the opportunity… and the absolutely daunting task of starting over. But when this dark and moody, aspiring window dresser ends up in the right place at the right time, getting noticed for her creativity suddenly seems too good to be true…

Aiden Cook is a perpetual optimist who wears bowties and adores everything to do with the Christmas season. And while his sunshine-y personality has him generally seeing the good in everyone, there is something extra special about his most intriguing, and newest employee…


Window Shopping was an enticingly sweet and sultry, opposites attract, workplace romance! Stella and Aiden’s grumpy vs sunshine dynamic was endearing and fun, but when it came to their bedroom antics, their chemistry was absolutely combustable… 

Stella has had a rough go of it for the last four or so years, so when she lands her dream job at the ritzy Vivant department store, she just can’t fathom any scenario in which she would deserve this big break. And while she harbors an intense attraction to her new boss, acting on it would most assuredly ruin her chances, before she can prove just how much of an asset she can be to the struggling store…

Aiden is not only the general manager of New York’s premiere luxury store, but he’s also an owner. So when he takes a chance on hiring Stella, he is putting a lot more on the line than just a possible failed experiment, he could be putting his company in jeopardy as well. But Aiden believes in Stella, from her artistic vision and talent, to her vulnerable yet sassy exterior, he can’t help but want to learn everything about his enigmatic new employee…

This was such a fabulous book. Spicy and sweet, and all about a mutual hunger and affection, this story also focused on starting over, finding yourself, and the dynamics of a complicated family. Stella and Aiden’s love story was sexy and entertaining, and the perfect book to curl up with over the holidays… or any day that you want to put a smile on your face!

I received a complimentary copy of this book for my honest and unbiased review.

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