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Tease Me Once (Shame on You #1) by W. Winters 

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4 Stars

When Braelynn Lennox gets a job at The Club, she feels like her luck is finally changing. But, when she lays eyes on her new boss… Braelynn soon realizes that she may very well be in over her head…

Declan Cross remembers Braelynn very well, but that was another life, and Declan was a very different person back then. But one thing he knows for sure… his desire for Braelynn has only grown that much stronger…


Tease Me Once was the sexy and dangerous introduction to Braelynn and Declan’s dark and twisted love story. The Cross family is well known for their ruthlessness, and Braelynn has no idea just what she is in for when it comes to the youngest Cross brother…

This book was the scorching hot beginning of a sure-to-be complicated and dark, anti-hero love story. Declan owns the hottest club in town, which is known for it’s promotion of sexual promiscuity and games, and he feels quite at home within its walls. Braelynn is a curios new employee who is intrigued by the mysterious Declan, and they soon embark on a sexual adventure of their own. But the Cross family has many enemies, and Declan has no idea who he can trust… including the people who are the closest and soon becoming the most precious to him…

This book was engaging and incredibly sexy. The story pulled me in and kept me glued to the pages, and just when you’ve been convinced that things are moving in the right direction for Braelynn and Declan… BOOM! Cliffhanger…

This story continues with book two, I’ll Kiss You Twice… coming soon… but not soon enough.

I received a complimentary copy of this book for my honest and unbiased review.

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