4 Star · Contemporary · Forbidden Love · Friends to Lovers · Love/Hate · Series · Single Parent · Workplace

My Sister’s Flirty Friend (The Greene Family #4) by Piper Rayne

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4 Stars

Jed Greene and Molly Monroe have been friends who flirt… for years, and they both know that NOTHING could ever happen between them. But when Jed’s world is thrown for a loop, Molly is the only person he wants to blow some steam off with… no matter how complicated their fling is destined to be…


My Sister’s Flirty Friend was an emotionally rewarding and entertaining, single parent, friends to lovers romance! When Jed is given the news that he is the sole parent to a child that he never knew existed, it takes him some time to accept his new role in life. Seeking understanding in the arms of the one woman whom he has always vowed to stay away from, Jed is about to find out just how much upheaval he can take… or that he SHOULD be taking…

Molly has had a crush on Jed since she met him all those years ago in high school. But when his sister befriended her, Molly soon realized that there was only room for one Greene sibling in her life. As an adult, she still harbors a crush for her best friends brother, but Molly keeps her distance… which isn’t easy since he’s technically her boss…

Jed has always been very clear about his feelings on commitment. Settling down with one woman just isn’t for him… until he meets the one girl who has the power to change that… his daughter. Adjusting to life as a single dad is crazy difficult, and Jed is in need of a lot of help… that is, if he finally pulls his head out of his you-know-what…

This book was another fabulous read from The Greene Family series! I loved Molly and the way that the Greene’s have adopted her into the family as one of their own. Her character was facing some issues of her own, but I loved how hard she worked to find a solution, no matter how hopeless the situation seemed. Jed was a good guy at heart, but man did he go through a patch of anger/self doubt that almost ruined more than one persons trust in him. I think my favorite aspect of this book was the character growth that both Molly and Jed achieved, and the happiness that they found together as a result. 

I received a complimentary copy of this book for my honest and unbiased review.

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