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A Not So Meet Cute by Meghan Quinn

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4 Stars

Working for your frenemy is never a good idea, a lesson which Lottie Gardner has learned the hard way. Now she’s out of a job, and needs a new place to live… which seems just about as impossible as finding herself a rich husband to take all of her financial worries away…

Huxley Cane is a self-made businessman who gets what he wants… but this time he may have gone a little too far. And now Huxley only has a few days to find himself a fake fiancée…  and pretend mother of his baby?!


A Not So Meet Cute was a cute, sexy, and seriously funny, fake fiancée, romance! Lottie and Huxley’s fake engagement quickly takes a turn when they realize just how much they get under each others skin. But with a contract signed, and people to deceive, they are in this relationship for better or for worse… all while living right across the hall from each other…

This was such a fun and sexy read! The hilarious and entertaining plot was second only to the simmering sexual tension and explosively sexy, slow burn attraction between Lottie and Huxley. From their very complicated fake engagement, to their very real burgeoning feelings for each other, their animosity fueled relationship isn’t the only thing that heats up the pages of this book!

This book had it’s silly and funny moments, of course, the incredibly sexy moments, but best of all was the moments when Lottie and Huxley didn’t know whether to kiss each other, or run away, absolutely fuming at each other…

I received a complimentary copy of this book for my honest and unbiased review.

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