4 Star · ARC Review · Contemporary · New Beginnings · Opposites Attract · Sexy · Sweet · Tortured Hero

The 14 Days of Christmas by Louise Bay

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4 Stars

Sebastian Fox abhors everything about the Christmas season. The music, the cold, the forced merriment… no thank you. Give him a deserted beach and a drink, and he will merrily forget that Christmas even exists. But when Sebastian’s beloved grandmother needs his help with the most festive of Christmas markets, he never hesitates to rush to her side… and into his worst nightmare… Christmas joy…

Celia Sommers loves all things Christmas, and this year she is determined to make it the best season yet. With her very active role in the planning of the famous Snowsly Christmas Market, Celia is living in her happiest element… until things start to completely fall apart. And while the town trusts Celia and her very capable hands, it is Sebastian, the Christmas Scrooge who may just save the market from total holiday failure…


The 14 Days of Christmas was a highly entertaining, sexy, sweet, and super festive, must read! Celia and Sebastian have vastly differing opinions about the joys of Christmas, but in this delightful holiday romance, these two opposites will find the true love they have always been waiting for! 

I adored everything about this amazing holiday story! Celia and Sebastian’s relationship was genuine and fun, and I loved how even though they were polar opposites when it came to Christmas, they never once judged each other for their points of view. I was so satisfied with the growth that both Celia and Sebastian find throughout this book, and how quickly they come to truly care for each other. Not to mention their incredibly sexy connection that they just couldn’t resist for too long!

The setting of this book instantly put me in the holiday mood! I absolutely loved the picturesque town of Snowsly, and of course it’s adorable locals who might just have a few tricks up their sleeves! This story is a must read for the holidays… or any time you want to be swept back into a magical winter season!

I received a complimentary copy of this book for my honest and unbiased review.

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