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Savage Hearts (Queens & Monsters #3) by J.T. Geissinger


4 Stars

Riley Keller and her sister have never been close, but when she gets the call that her sister has some very big news to share, Riley can’t resist the trip to places unknown to discover the juicy details for herself. But, finding out that her sister is dating the boss of the Irish mob?? Riley did NOT see that one coming…

Malek Antonov is out for vengeance in the death of his brother, but the second that he lays his eyes on the waif of a woman that is living in his enemies home, Malek’s attention is dangerously split. And when Malek must decide between his vengeance and this inconvenient infatuation… with one fateful move, Riley will change absolutely everything…


Savage Hearts was another scorchingly sexy, mafia romance in the utterly addictive, Queens & Monsters series! Riley and Malek may be on opposites sides of two vastly different mafia conglomerates, but resisting each other is like waging a losing battle… and it might end up being just as dangerous… 

Riley was a strong and independent woman, who knows how to hold some epic grudges, and as a result, hasn’t seen her sister in a few years. When the opportunity comes for them to reconcile, Riley jumps at the chance to see just what her sister has been up to, and instead finds out that Stockholm syndrome might just run in the family…

Mal is called the Hangman of the Russian bratva, and he is widely know for his ability to appear and disappear like a veritable ghost. And while he is content to live a mostly solitary lifestyle, there is something about Riley that has Mal wanting more than he could have ever imagined that he deserved…

This was a great read! Riley and Mal’s relationship is complicated, to say the least. But even though they met under some… unusual circumstances, the connection that they share is unlike anything that either one of them has ever experienced. The chemistry between Riley and Mel was super hot, but I also adored Mal’s nurturing side and Riley was just hilarious and super fun all around. I loved how the characters in this book tied in with the rest of the Queens & Monsters series, and I cannot wait to see what is next for the series!!

I received a complimentary copy of this book for my honest and unbiased review.

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