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Put Me in Detention by Meghan Quinn 

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4 Stars

Recent divorcée, Coraline Turner went through hell to become single again, so she is ready to celebrate her independence in a big way… like only a girls trip to Las Vegas can provide…

Pike Greyson is in Vegas on family business, when he runs into the one family member he wants nothing to do with… his father. Letting loose and having some fun after THAT encounter sounds like a really good idea…

After one wild and crazy night together, the last thing that Cora or Pike expected… was to wake up married…


Put Me in Detention was a sexy and entertaining, accidentally married in Vegas, romantic delight! Cora and Pike share an attraction that turns incredibly inconvenient when they find themselves married… and only one of them wants it annulled! From hilarious antics, to scorching hot chemistry, this book delivers the fun… along with the emotional turmoil that transforms it into a greatly rewarding story…

Cora is a character whose story I have been waiting for! With a slightly overprotective brother, and a past that hints at hardship, this is a woman who deserves her happily ever after. And although she is definitely interested in the British, bad boy, Pike… marriage is NOT something that she ever wants to experience again…

Pike has his reasons for staying married to Cora, but of course telling her would destroy any chances he has at keeping her in his life. So, while Cora may be the most resistant woman that he has ever met, Pike is determined to win her over, one terrible meal at a time…

I enjoyed this book so much! The (sometimes mean), but always funny strife between Cora and Pike kept the pages turning in this highly entertaining read! I loved their sexy moments, and the connection that they find with each other, but in this story, I think I may have enjoyed the heart wrenching moments most of all. These were the times when we got to the core of what made Cora and Pike the people they are… and why they both deserved to find the love that they were always meant to have…

I received a complimentary copy of this book for my honest and unbiased review.

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