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My Famous Frenemy (The Greene Family #6) by Piper Rayne

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4 Stars

Posey Greene grew up with posters on her wall of her biggest teenage crush, actor Gavin Price. But ever since he ended up moving to Sunrise Bay, he and the youngest Greene daughter have been forever at odds. And just when things between them finally start taking a turn for more romantic encounters… Gavin announces he is running for Mayor… against Posey’s own mother…


My Famous Frenemy was a complicated and sweet, small town romance! After sharing one perfect date, Posey and Gavin are once more on the outs, now that Gavin has decided to run for mayor of Sunrise Bay. As campaign manager for the opposing ticket… aka her mom, Posey wants nothing to do with Gavin and his shady promises… and she is going to make sure he knows it…

This book was an entertaining and engaging read! Posey and Gavin’s love/hate relationship did little to mask the very real feelings that they had for each other. I really enjoyed Posey’s character. She was loyal and sweet, and would do absolutely anything for her mother… even sacrifice her own happiness. Gavin is a former child star who has left the world of acting behind for a quiet life in Sunrise Bay, but wants more than to just be a behind-the-scenes type of resident.

This story had quite a few tender moments, some delightful banter, and of course some fantastic sexual tension to fuel it all! Posey and Gavin’s romance was complicated at it’s surface, but the more that these two get to know each other, the more they realize how much deeper their feelings for each other truly are.

This was another great read in always enjoyable Greene Family series! After a long wait and multiple teasers of Gavin’s character, I loved getting to see him and Posey wade through the mess of finding their way to a lovely, fun, and much deserved HEA!

I received a complimentary copy of this book for my honest and unbiased review.

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