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Gorgeous Misery (Creeping Beautiful #3) by J.A. Huss

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4 Stars

*** Gorgeous Misery is book three in the Creeping Beautiful series and should be read after book one and two. This review may contain spoilers if you are not yet caught up in the series. ***

Wendy Gale is a well-known company assassin, a Zero girl, and someone that you DO NOT want to mess with. And although we have witnessed many Wendy encounters… she has remained shrouded in mystery…

Nick Tate is a ghost who has been dead for years. But this ghost has spent his years hunting Zero girls… but not Wendy… Wendy is special…


Gorgeous Misery is the latest mind-bending story in the mesmerizing Creeping Beautiful saga. From anyone on the outside, Nick and Wendy may seem like an assassin odd couple. But when you grow up under the rule of the company… you have to make your own rules once in awhile…

Just when you thought the company had spilled all of its secrets… holy smokes, here comes the woman I never thought we would get to know… aka Creepy Wendy. She and Nick have lived their lives in the darkest of shadows with very few people at their side… and nowadays they can only rely on each other… or can they…

This is the Company story I didn’t know I was waiting for! Not only are Wendy and Nick getting a storyline of their own, but there is some stuuuffffff going down in the ranks that reintroduces  not only the characters from the beginning of the Creeping Beautiful series, but some company old-timers like Merc and Sasha as well! 

This book had a relatively quiet beginning, with the introduction of Wendy and Nick’s sweet, yet hard to define, relationship. After starting with their uniquely complicated love story, the plot is then seamlessly woven into what I have come to expect from this series…. an absolutely riveting tale… with a killer cliffhanger… 

I received a complimentary copy of this book for my honest and unbiased review.

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