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When You Least Expect It (Hope Valley #11) by Jessica Prince

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4 Stars

Stella Ryan hails from a family of very lovable, and generally successful, thieves. But when her dad cons a target with… connections, they find themselves in a whole heap of trouble.

Weston Scott isn’t looking for a relationship, but the second he spots Stella, it is game over to his single life. She may be enticingly beautiful… but the thing that really grabs his interest? It has to be the ease in which she can pick a pocket…


When You Least Expect It was an incredibly sexy, entertaining, and sweet, opposites attract romance, in the always exciting, Hope Valley series! West is the latest Alpha Omega hottie to find his match, but of course whenever these men find their ladies, drama is soon to follow… and Stella is definitely ready to keep West on his toes…

With her family is trouble, Stella is doing what she can to earn enough money to pay back one very angry, and very dangerous, former mark. And while stealing isn’t something that she enjoys doing, it happens to be the only way for her to help get everyone out of their current mess. While her life is in complete turmoil, a relationship is the last thing she needs to worry about… but a man like West isn’t so easily overlooked…

West is a former military man who works with the Alpha Omega team and who knows a thing or two about getting people out of sticky situations. From the moment that West met Stella, he was instantly fascinated… but when his protective instincts kick in… Stella is about to get his FULL attention…

This was a great story! I loved Stella and West’s cute relationship. His nickname for her made me chuckle every time he used it, and their dynamic was cute and fun… not to mention the super hot sex that came along with it! The plot was engaging and had it’s share of drama… and I couldn’t get enough of Stella’s very loving, but very thieving, family!

When You Least Expect It was another fantastic read in that amazing and completely addicting, Hope Valley series!!

I received a complimentary copy of this book for my honest and unbiased review.

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