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The Plan by Karla Sorensen

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4.5 Stars

After being in a car accident that completely shook her foundation, Lydia Pierson has been hesitant to go back to her old life. Social media, endless parties, and being in the spotlight suddenly holds no interest to her… and her family is worried.

Erik Wilder is a former professional football player who answers the call from a colleague to help him protect his daughter from the overeager world around her. And while being a bodyguard is a simple enough gig, Erik never accounted for the possibility of falling for his client…


The Plan was a sexy and fun, opposites attract romance featuring an incredibly sloowwwwww burn storyline. Lydia and Erik had a complicated working relationship stemming from them being hopelessly attracted to each other, but with so many factors working against them, of course it would be utterly foolish to act on those feelings… 

Lydia was an incredibly strong woman who was going through a very trying time in her life. And while she wanted nothing to do with the idea of a bodyguard following her around, Erik happened to be exactly the right person that she needed to help her leave her protective bubble behind. Lydia was effortlessly charismatic and always underestimated… but she was never scared to fight for what she wanted…

Erik walked away from his football career after suffering from an injury that shouldn’t have ended it. With a mysterious past and a grumpy disposition, Erik wants to keep his working relationship with Lydia strictly professional, distant, and with the minimum amount of sharing needed. Too bad for him, Lydia delights in Erik’s beleaguered sighs…

This was such a fantastic read! I loved Lydia and Erik’s complicated, sexy, and soul-healing, love story! Lydia was a woman who was so much more than meets the eye when it came to her social media personality, or the headlines that follow her every move. Erik was deeply damaged and in need of Lydia’s particular brand of sunshine, added to her surprisingly honest view of the world around her. And when these two finally give in to the desire that has been simmering between them, there will be no going back to the way things were… 

I received a complimentary copy of this book for my honest and unbiased review.

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