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Hook, Line, and Sinker (It Happened One Summer #2) by Tessa Bailey

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4.5 Stars

After her short but memorable interlude in the quaint fishing town of Westport, Washington, Hannah Bellinger has been dearly missing just about everything that she left behind there. And although Hannah’s dream career resides in LA, she can’t help but picture what life would be like living closer to her sister… and the man that she has no business being romantically interested in…

Fox Thornton is a sexy and charismatic, king crab fisherman who never seems to take anything too seriously… except for his adamant refusal to commit… to anything. But when he and Hannah form an unlikely friendship, it may take all of his willpower to keep his hands… and his feelings, to himself…


Hook, Line, and Sinker was a sweet and heartwarming, opposites attract romance! Hannah and Fox’s relationship was adorable, dripping with sexual tension, and very, very complicated…

Hannah is a production assistant for an indie filmmaker, but she has big dreams of finding a way to channel her love of music into the next step in her career. And while Hannah is a pro at getting stuff done and helping people figure out just what they need, she struggles with what she calls being the “leading lady” in her own life…

Fox has a reputation for being a good time, but not someone that will stick around for more than a night. But behind Fox’s carefree attitude, lurks a man whose self loathing has been amplified by years of people judging him, and finding him wanting. But when Fox gets a glimpse of himself through Hannah’s eyes, he can only dream of being good enough for someone as sweet and as lovely as her…

This book was such a fantastic and wonderful, read! Hannah and Fox will not only break your heart a little, but in the end they will put it all back together again, better than ever! I loved Hannah so much, she was such a light in so many peoples lives, but she never realized how much so, until Fox helped her to see just how fantastic she really is. And Fox, he broke my heart at times, but I absolutely loved him and the growth he undergoes throughout this story!

I first fell in love with both Hannah and Fox when we met them in It Happened One Summer, and I was so incredibly excited to hear that they would be getting their own HEA! This book delivered a fantastic, sexy and entertaining story, and in the end, it left my heart full and probably a little too close to bursting!!

I received a complimentary copy of this book for my honest and unbiased review.

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