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Blurred Lines (Redemption #6) by Jessica Prince

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4.5 Stars

Aurora Keller and her new neighbor do NOT get along… in fact, Callum Morrison seems to go out of his to way to show her just how much he dislikes her. And while these two opposites vow to avoid each other, it isn’t long before a simmering attraction between them becomes an all-consuming desire that they can only deny for so long…


Blurred Lines was a sexy and fun, opposites attract romance! Aurora is a bubbly yoga teacher who is the life of the party, and her grouchy neighbor is an ex-con who rarely cracks a smile. But when Callum’s brother marries Aurora’s best friend, avoiding each other is about to become all-out impossible…

This book was such a fantastic read, and I really, really loved Aurora! She was an independent woman who cared deeply for her friends, and fully embraced her new life in Redemption. The animosity that she and Callum shared was as entertaining as it was sexy, and it kept me absolutely absorbed in this story! 

Callum was the gruff, tattooed, and way-too-sexy, bad boy neighbor who seems to love getting under Aurora’s skin. But while Callum comes off as an unapproachable grouch, he is actually harboring some incredibly deep scars from the time he served in prison. Making a mistake when he was young, Callum paid his dues, but he realizes that he can never go back to what his life was like before his incarceration…

This book was an all-around, delightful read! Full of sex, snark, and some well-earned redemption, Aurora and Callum fought hard for their superbly deserved HEA. As another wonderful read from the fabulous Redemption series, it is always wonderful to catch up with previous characters, and of course to get hints of the new and assuredly amazing stories to come!

I received a complimentary copy of this book for my honest and unbiased review.

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