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Brutal Vows (Queens & Monsters #4) by J.T. Geissinger

5 Stars

Known as the black widow of the Cosa Nostra, Reyna Caruso knows first hand how an arranged marriage can be torture for her fellow mafia born women. Which is why when her niece ends up with an unwanted engagement, Rey is prepared to do anything she can to protect her from her brute of a fiancé…

Spider is the second in command of the Irish mob, and he is looking to make some alliances, while steering clear of all romantic entanglements. And then he meets Reyna… who will prove to be the biggest complication he’s ever met… 


Brutal Vows was super sexy, completely captivating, mafia romance perfection! Reyna and Spider’s antagonistic relationship hit all the right notes when it came to this fabulous enemies to lovers masterpiece. From the explosive chemistry, to their hilarious verbal sparring, I could read about Reyna and Spider forever...

Reyna was an incredibly strong and admirable woman. After living through hell with her own mafia match, she has vowed to never again subject herself to the torment that is marriage. 

Homer “Spider” Quinn has been burned by love before, and he has no interest in marriage for anything other than a loveless, match of convenience… no matter how much he can’t stop fantasizing about the spitfire aunt of his fiancée…

Reyna and Spider delivered with an epic relationship dynamic from their very first meeting. Name calling, murder threats, and banter upon banter, I absolutely LOVED everything about their scorching hot connection. I seriously could not put this book down. With it’s fast paced and engrossing plot, and of course every sexy moment between Rey and Spider… I was absolutely hooked.

As devastated as I am that the superbly written and outright addictive, Queens & Monsters series has now come to an end, Reyna, Spider, and the rest of the series regulars will always be on the top of my re-reading list! 

I received a complimentary copy of this book for my honest and unbiased review.

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