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Drop Dead Gorgeous by Rachel Gibson

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3.5 Stars

Brittany Lynn Snider is just a small town girl from Texas who loves her Momma and her uncomplicated life. That is, until she crashes the family minivan, and Brittany faces an untimely end to her earthly existence. Enter in one Edith Randolph Chatsworth-Jones, unfriendly, unhappy, and set to steal Brittany’s afterlife…


Drop Dead Gorgeous was a singularly unique and entertaining read. Brittany’s life as she knows it may be completely altered, but when this simple, small town Texas girl suddenly finds herself in the body of a hard-to-love, Michigan socialite, finding her way is guaranteed to be no simple feat…

This was a really cute read with an enjoyable plot and complicated characters. Brittany clings to the life that she lost, and the people she loved so dearly in it, but to navigate her way through her new life, the new and improved Edie refuses to be anything but herself…

This book falls under the Women’s Fiction genre, it had some light romance with a very hunky Oliver Hunt, but anything juicy between them is kept behind closed doors.

I received a complimentary copy of this book for my honest and unbiased review.

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